-You need a camera with shutter “B” which you can lock or with “T”. I use a modified Kiev 88 (the shutter is not in the lens) and such lockable wire.(1)

- a good tripod

- an a room where you can work in complete darkness.

- some pieces of fluorescent material

For the first photos it will be better you use a dark background material, so you are able to move yourself more slow during the exposure.

The light: You can use many different lamps and lightbulbs. I try all I get in my hands, electric torch, laser pointer, small neon lights... important is that you use light with batterys(no cable). The cover has to be black and the light should be not too bright. If you try painting with light for the first time I have good experiences with “Penlight” (2). It`s easy to build small caps with colour foil for this kind of torch.(3) With these caps you are able to give some side light at the subject without making lines at the picture. That`s why every lamp you build or choose should have such cap, with or without colour foil.