If you have to build parts of scenery you have to pay attention for enough space (you have to walk through while exposure, to reach everyone and some spots with the light).

Often it`s very important to have enough stability in the parts of scenery. The actors can lean on it for their own stability and sometimes I have to climb on to reach a flying elf for example.

Make some shots to check it out (polaroid or digital).

I made this shot with camera flash to check.

I decide to build greater wings and to use fog. Two hours later the original light painted photo comes to being. To give the light at the flying elf I had to climb on the wall while exposure. It was very difficult, cause you`re not allowed to stumble over the actors in the dark! - and you shouldn`t  fall down from the wall...

For the next picture(“Learning to fly”), one week later, we used a painted background material and more wood.

Dirk, a good friend of mine build the wall a week before we start to photograph...

Thank you Babett for hairdressing and make up!

Nice wings, just a little bit make up and then we drove to the ruin in Niembchen. Tina & Jörg Starke (a master of the airbrush technique) during the preparation of “Look!”