So many people always asking me how I paint these pictures - which distance, speed, light. That`s the hardest question of all...

The speed and the distance are directly depending on the used light. If you got more distance, the diameter of the light beam is larger and you have to paint more slowly. If you use red coloured light you have to work faster then with blue or green light. It`s helpful to know something about the electro-magnetic spectrum and the wavelenght of the light and it`s colours. So you will undestand why a blue foil in front of a krypton bulb absorbes so much light.

For the first tryouts you should use aperture 5,6 . If you use an AF-camera switch to MF!

Start to paint hair and face with the light, than shoulder, arms, dress... With one eye you should control the light and with the other the shadow - and if you want to create great ART - close them both :)

After this is done never go back with the light to the face! Certainly she/he has moved and you will produce some blur. You should hurry paint the background behind the person. If you got ready the background painting, the model is allowed to move. She/he could go out of the scenery, drinking a cup of coffee or so... But you should take care that you never reach the place were she/he was sitting with the light beam while you continue to paint the rest of the scenery.

Polaroid film will help you to control your work at the first tryouts. Later you`ll got the feeling about speed and distance for the various light and colours you use.

If you use a bright background material you have to move yourself more fast while painting it, otherwise your silhouette will be at the picture.

Sometimes if I work outside in the night I use bright searchlights(1) to paint ruins, trees... and sometimes for that I stand outside the picture frame.